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your law firm, our software.

Our case management software is designed by attorneys for attorneys. It is the end result of over a decade’s worth of constant development. It is easy to use, powerful, and getting better every day. Our active development cycle means we can customize and enhance it to better fit your firm’s requirements, your legal workflow, and the needs of your clients.

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Designed for your practice.

Here are four good reasons why you should use Senex Law for your firm's legal processing.

  • Your Clients, Your Fees

    Reasonable per-document pricing keeps costs low.

    As a multifamily attorney, you want to give your clients the best service possible. That kind of service used to require a large staff to handle client support and document generation. Not anymore.

    For over a decade, we’ve tailored our software to the needs of a busy multifamily attorney’s office. The result is Senex Powered, a flexible suite of tools combining case management, document processing, and client communications allowing you to grow your client base without increasing your staffing costs.

    Serve more clients better with Senex Law.

  • Responsive Developers

    We'll adapt to your needs.

    After years of custom legal software development, our developers know multifamily law almost as well as our attorneys. That means they understand your needs and can quickly translate them into working software.

    When your document requirements change you can’t afford to wait months and months. Our developers are used to the fast-paced, ever-changing legal landscape and will adapt our software to keep pace.

  • Years of Experience

    We did the hard work so you don’t have to.

    In today’s high-tech age your clients expect online access to their data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Why shouldn’t they? If their bank can do it, why can’t their law firm?

    Online legal processing is hard. We know, we’ve been working on it for more than a decade. You could do it yourself, but that would take a lot of time, effort, expense and inconvenience for your current clients. You’d probably make a few mistakes along the way.

    We’ve already done the hard work and learned lots of lessons over the years. Now we want to share the results of that hard-won experience with your firm. Why develop an online presence yourself, when Senex Law has already done it for you?

  • Competitive Advantage

    Clients ask for us by name.

    Senex Law has quickly built a reputation as a forward-thinking technology savvy law firm.

    There aren’t many multifamily legal processing software options. Attorneys choose Senex Law because we have a reputation for putting our clients’ and partner law firms’ needs first. That’s why we built our software, and that’s why we want more law firms to join us.

    Our software will give you and your clients something to shout about. Great law, great software. Join Senex Law.

From our cloud to your wallet.

Finally there’s an online multifamily legal processing service that’s powerful and efficient.

We should know. We built it.

Meet Senex Law.

We designed our software for multifamily attorneys, their teams and their clients. With its fast, clean and intuitive interface, your clients will go from notice to collection in no time.

  • Fast

    Lightning-Fast Search

    Our new type-ahead claim search means managers can find claims faster and easier. That means they’re less likely to call your office for routine claim details. Managers find exactly who they’re looking for, so they can get back to managing their property and your staff can focus on the legal heavy lifting.

  • Flexible

    your branding

    Your law firm’s logo is prominently displayed in the header, so your clients know that they’ve come to the right place. If they run into a problem, your contact information is right there in the sidebar.

  • Efficient

    Keep track of recent activity

    Our dashboard will keep clients up-to-date on the processing status of their notices and court filings. They’ll be able to follow the trends over the past year to see how their properties’ legal situation changes over time. Every one of their legal documents—from notices to writs—is available for download in print-quality PDF format. They can track each case from start to finish with our detailed claim view, and access their information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Everywhere

    Cloud hosted

    Our application is hosted online, so clients can monitor their cases from anywhere. We’ve designed our software to work with all modern web browsers, including the latest tablets and smartphones. Whether they’re at the office, on the move, at the beach, or at home in bed, their data is safe and accessible in the cloud.

  • Secure

    Client administered

    Your clients’ data is vital and always protected whether at rest or in motion. Additionally, clients can manage individual user accounts, grant permissions on a property-by-property basis, reset passwords, add, suspend, or even delete users without needing to contact your office.

  • Supported

    Responsive support

    The latest technology is important, but it doesn’t mean anything if your office staff can’t get through legal processing. Our team is ready to help at a moment’s notice, via phone or email. We will help your firm train clients and customize their experience to meet their needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

And good answers about our services.

  • Contrast

    How are you different?

    Senex Law puts clients first. We’re service providers. We get it.

    As a result, we’ve structured our entire practice around the premise—the promise—that we will provide not just good service, but WOW! Service.

    We won’t be satisfied until you say “WOW!”.

  • Value

    why should we hire you when we can do the work ourselves for free?

    This is a trick question - because you really can’t do it for “free”!

    Your time and energy aren’t “free” - they’re valuable! If you spend time generating legal documents or going to Court, that detracts from the things you’re best at - retaining existing clients and attracting new ones.

    Senex Law provides great service at a good value. We only represent property management companies - never the residents. We’ve mastered the laws and unique requirements for each Court in which we appear.

    Using Senex Law, you’ll save time and money, with professional results.

  • Jurisdiction

    where do you go to court?

    Senex Law, PC is licensed to practice law in Virginia and North Carolina, but can partner with other attorneys in other states to provide its services anywhere in the United States. To keep costs reasonable, Senex Law needs a minimum volume of work in an area before we can provide service there.

    If your property wants Senex Law to help, please call.

  • Role

    what do you do?

    Senex Law provides an online case management platform that facilitates communication and document production by our team of attorneys and legal staff. You can direct, manage and monitor all of your legal work - directly from your desktop, laptop or cellular phone.

    We are there for you from when the first legal notice is issued until suit is filed and the case is resolved. If you need collections help or legal support in building better template documents or procedures that better implement your business plan - Senex Law will be there for you!

  • Fees

    what kind of attorney's fees do you charge?

    Senex Law tailors its attorney fee agreements for each client, since actual costs depend on a number of factors.

    We don’t want our legal fees to become a barrier to using our services. Nor do we want our legal fees to create vacancy or credit loss. We’ll work with you to develop an attorney fee structure that’s fair for all parties.

  • Tryouts

    can we try your services or do we have to sign a contract?

    Yes and no.

    Yes you can hire Senex Law to partner with your law firm or represent your property, region or portfolio on a trial basis. We are confident that we will Wow! you with our service, our knowledgable attorneys and staff, and we will get the results you need - quickly, cheaply and in compliance with the law!

    If you have any questions, please call us. There’s no charge for asking, and we might just be able to help.

  • Data

    how do you get the information you need to prepare documents and file lawsuits?

    We’ll adapt our processes to meet your needs. If you can only fax information to us, we can work with that. But if your software has the ability to export data, we’d rather send and receive your data electronically, since it’s more efficient, more secure and more accurate.

  • Reporting

    how can we keep track of the work you’re performing for us?

    Senex Law has a web-based interface that allows its clients to access any and all case files securely at any time of day or night.

    Protected by modern security techniques and unique log-in credentials, our user dashboard gives clients a high level overview of Senex Law at work. From there, clients can dig deeper if they wish, with the ability to view Court dockets, download the actual documents filed by Senex Law, and more.