Our Process

How we help you get from start to collect.

There are two main stages to the Senex Law process.

The first stage is introduction. We find out how your company works, then shape our practices and train your team so everything in stage two proceeds smoothly. In stage one, our staff will be in close, regular personal contact with your team.

The second stage is production. Each month we get information from your properties about non-paying residents, file the appropriate writs, attend court, and collect. We leverage technology wherever possible to reduce workload, minimize errors and increase efficiency.

Let’s look at each of these stages in a little more detail.

Stage One


  • Step 1


    Our team will sit down with you one-on-one. We’ll learn how you work and identify how we can help.

  • Step 2


    You have unique legal requirements and responsibilities. We understand that. We will adapt our process to match your needs. Let our team and our technology help you do the heavy-lifting, so you can manage your community.

  • Step 3


    Change can be difficult for even the most experienced community manager. Our customized training by multifamily industry veterans will help bridge the gap, and an introduction to our user-friendly application will get you moving in the right direction.

Stage Two


  • Step 4

    Notice and File

    Each month, when you are ready, you will send us the information we need from your properties about non-paying residents. We then help you prepare and file compliant/accurate notices, lawsuits, and Writs. Throughout each process you’ll have sole control over your legal decisions, you’ll focus on the quality and accuracy of your information and make all necessary decisions with confidence that the draft documents we’ve prepared are accurate, compliant and ready for your signature. We don’t do anything without you, but with Senex Law - everything - you need to do is easier, more accurate and more efficient. Plus, you can securely monitor all of your legal work in one place, view reports and download PDF copies of everything from the mailing labels, to the notices and lawsuits, etc.

  • Step 5


    Leverage your property management software by integrating your reports with Senex Law. You remain in control, and do the work only once! We’ll help you fully implement your business model - in compliance with all local, state, and federal laws.

  • Step 6


    We take your requests to court and pass the decision back to you. If further action is required or requested, we’ll follow through from possession to eviction.

  • Step 7


    We will partner with the collection service of your choice or we can use our own. Either way, you’ll notice the benefits immediately.

  • Step 8


    Once our system is in place, you’ll begin to reap the benefits: early Court dates, controlled costs and reduced paperwork. If you hit any bumps in the road, our knowledgeable and friendly staff will be here to help sort them out.

    We won’t be satisfied until you say “Wow!”