About Senex Law

who we are

Our vision: To redefine multifamily law – what lawyers do and what clients expect. We’ll settle for nothing less.

what we do

In a sentence, we use our innovative software and Wow! service from our expert attorneys and legal staff to deliver great results at a great value.

Allow us to elaborate:

  • Case Management

    We are consumer law experts and are in a great position to steer our clients through the myriad of consumer laws that regulate our industry.

  • Consumer Law Compliance

    We are consumer law experts and are in a great position to steer our clients through the myriad of consumer laws that regulate our industry.

  • 50 States

    Our software allows us to prepare eviction-related documents throughout the country.

  • Evictions and More

    We do more than process eviction paperwork. Our lawyers and customer support staff provide great service. At least that’s what our clients say.

  • Risk Reduction

    We reduce the potential for lawsuits and consumer law complaints against our clients by building protocols that they adopt and follow.

who we are.

A little bit about the people behind the curtain.

  • Patrick R. Pettitt

    Founder and CEO

    As a skinny, brainy high school wrestler, Patrick thought he could beat anyone on the mat. And he was mostly right. He went to college and became an aerospace engineer, winning awards, earning promotions and speaking at a national symposium, but at some point, he realized he would never be the best aerospace engineer. So after asking lots of little kids what they wanted to be when they grew up, Patrick finally had his answer: He wanted to be a lawyer. But not just any lawyer, a great lawyer.

    He’ll tell you the first year of law school felt like the brain freeze you get when you eat ice cream too quickly. Only the brain freeze lasted for a year. After law school, he worked for other lawyers, doing the normal lawyer stuff: high-volume collections and real estate transactions, complex business transactions, consumer law compliance and lots and lots of litigation. Before long, he started the Senex Law, hired a bunch of wickedly talented people and began marching toward his goal of changing the legal industry. The path he took explains a lot about his unique perspective on the law and what property managers should expect from their lawyers.

    As CEO, he has a clear vision of how law firms can and should do more for less, and his passion and commitment to improve the second oldest profession can only help the multifamily industry. Patrick loves the law, and he also loves fast cars and his wife and his sons, not necessarily in that order.

  • David Edmonson

    Vice President - Operations & Compliance

    David is a really smart guy – a high school salutatorian – who went to smart-guy colleges (College of William and Mary and the University of Richmond School of Law). David needs to be smart because his job is to make sure that the gazillions of legal documents we produce are accurate and comply with the law – something a law firm really needs to get right. David also happens to be one of the nicest attorneys at the firm. At Senex Law, we value that.

  • Aaron Silver

    Vice President - Litigation

    If Aaron asks you if you play poker, say nothing. Just flee. Aaron is crazy about Texas Hold’em, and he’s crazy good at it, too. He met the woman who became his fiancee at a poker game at a restaurant near his house. (It’s a good thing for Aaron that she didnt know she was supposed to flee.) And it’s a good thing for our clients that Aaron is one of our litigators. The skills that make him a good poker player – good instincts, attention to detail and smarts – make him an excellent lawyer.

  • Jeremy Hamilton

    Chief Operating Officer

    Jeremy once wanted to be a professional skateboarder, and he was really good at it, too, but he took his competitive fire to the business world, becoming one of the youngest store managers in the history of Food Lion. He was so good at that job that the company assigned him to turn around struggling stores. After 10 years there, he worked in the fiercely competitive wine and beer distribution industry, then found his niche in the multifamily industry when he saw how technology could be used to help property management companies do their work faster and better.

    As our COO, Jeremy does just about everything except legal work, and that’s saying something because at Senex Law, we know our clients want and need much more than that. If you ask him, he’ll tell you more than anything, he’s “a family man”, and loves hanging out with his kids and supporting them at whatever sporting event or adventure they happen to be on.

  • Katherine Cartwright

    Client Services Director

    Kathy, who loves board games, boating and Elvis, is the longest-serving (but not the oldest) Senex Law employee. She is Patrick’s right- and left-hand man - er, woman - and arguably the firm’s smartest employee. All of Senex Law’s employees think they are the smartest, but Kathy probably is. Which comes in handy because she has to know a little bit about every aspect of the business and a lot about our clients and their needs.Kathy also has skills that are virtually extinct these days, including shorthand. Kathy loves that shorthand allows her to capture every word, a great skill for someone who needs to make sure that Senex Law delivers the best results.

  • Mike Johnson

    Business Services Director

    Like a lot of parents these days, Mike says he has “no life,” other than transporting his three kids to their soccer games and dance recitals, but he enjoys watching football, visiting Charlottesville, where he earned an economics degree at the University of Virginia, and playing poker, fantasy football and golf. (Ask him about a wicked drive that nearly beheaded Jeremy.)

    Before Senex Law, Mike worked as a regional property manager for seven years, most of those at a top-50 property management company, and at Apartments.com. At Senex Law, we rely on his industry experience to help us better understand our clients’ needs and to deliver the services that our clients want. The best way to get great feedback is to have folks like Mike sitting eyeball-to-eyeball with our clients as often as possible so we can hear them when they need us to listen.